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A Lifetime Sock Guarantee?

I live a pretty active lifestyle in which I am regularly running and hiking.  Because of this, I have found that I am pretty rough on my socks, and I end up going through pairs extremely quickly.  Over the years, I have probably spent thousands of dollars on socks alone, and that is not something that I am very proud of.  Recently, I decided that I would go on a quest for a sock that would last me for years instead of months, and so I began to look all over the internet in order to see if I could find the best sock in the world.  There are many socks out there that claim to be tough and capable of holding up to the most extreme conditions, but I did not necessarily just trust the companies at their word.  I needed something else in order to persuade me that I was choosing the best socks possible.

That was when I discovered a company that actually provides all of its customers with aLifetime Sock Guarantee.  This was not a limited guarantee at all.  It does not matter what you do while wearing the socks, they will replace them for you if they ever become damaged.  This, to me, seemed like a company not only claiming that their socks were tough, but also putting their money where their mouth was in order to offer their customers something a little bit extra.  The socks themselves are actually a little bit more expensive than the socks that I normally buy, but if the company would replace them for me whenever they became damaged, then this extra price was definitely worth it.  I decided to order a couple of pairs of these socks in order to see just what all of the hype was about, and I definitely was not disappointed with what I received as a result.

I have now been wearing these socks for about six months, and they are still in the same condition as they were when I first bought them.  Not only that, but they also offer me a level of comfort that I never thought a sock would be able to give me, and so I have found that these are my favorite socks to wear no matter what sort of physical activity I am involved in.  Whether I am hiking, jogging, or playing basketball, these socks are not only tough, but comfortable.

Because I have a lifetime guarantee on all of these socks, and because I have since ordered enough pairs to always have enough, it appears that I might not ever need to buy another pair of socks again.  Even if I did have to buy another pair, this is the pair that I would choose to buy.  Thankfully, if I ever do need another pair of socks because one of these pairs gets a hole in them, I have a lifetime guarantee on them so I can get them replaced.