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Nursery décor rhymes well with your kids’ dreams

Kids never stop dreaming, do they? You were a kid once, so you know how that must feel. You also know how it feels to be so excited at certain times of the year. The next big thing will be the anticipation of the Easter Bunny. And towards the end of the year it will be Christmas time again and Santa will come a calling once more. In-between, there will be birthdays and tooth fairies will be busy at the bank funding your kids’ loosened baby teeth.

All these events excite you as a parent as well. You’ve done so much to bring your kids’ dreams alive. Enhance your kids’ dreams still further with personalized nursery decor. While you know what your children like most, give them a surprise or two with a new-look nursery rhymed décor. Put up new wall art that is as engaging as can be to match children’s introspective and fantasy-laden thoughts. Brighten the walls and brighten your kid’s life with caricatures that will help take the edge off her very first day at school.

If you are expecting a child for the first time, now is a good time to design the nursery’s walls from scratch. Now is also a good time to move away from traditions, as in blue is for naughty boys, and pink is for sweet, charming little ladies. Help encourage your little child’s own, independent thoughts from the first six months. The first five or six years must be the most joyous of the little ones’ lives. Make it so with a dash of purple or a splash of lime.

Introduce the kids to modern art with canvas wall art and hand-painted figurines. Personalize the room with monograms as a big surprise for the child.